December 30, 2011

Rehersal Battle Report

This is the battle report of our rehersal-game we had two days ago.

The break of April 10th in 1741. The prussian and austrian armys march onto the battlefield. Even some spectacors have arrived and watch the battle from the windmill hill near Mollwitz.
The battle is about to begin

Spectators have arrived near Mollwitz

At about 2:00 PM the prussian army has finished moving in formation and the heavy artillery opens fire on the austrians' left flank.
The pussians advance
While the rest of the army is struggling to get into battle formation, fieldmarshall von Römer leads his cavalry on the left flank to attack the prussian grenadiers on the weak right flank.
Von Römer starts the cavalry attack
But with the combined force of servaral defending prussian untis, the attack is driven back!
The rest of the austrians still has not gotten into formation
Von Römer rallys his troops and starts another charge at the prussians - this time he manages to drive back the defenders.
Von Römers' 2nd attack on the prussians' right wing

The prussian king now has a serious issue with the austrian heavy cavalry in his flank. They have to be defeatet on any price, so he orders the right half of the central battleline to pan over to the right and open fire on the austrians.
Prussians try to fight back the cuirassiers
While the center of the austrian army still has not managed to form a proper battle line, the right cavalry wing starts an assault on the prussian center but struggles in the heavy defensive fire.
The austrian attack the prussian center

Though the cavalry suffers heavy losses from the prussians, the Infantry flees behind the second row of the prussian battle line. On the left wing the austrians have sucessfully defeatet the entire right wing of the prussians and take on the remaining infanrty units, wich are commanded by the king, Friedrich, himself.
The prussians slowly get in trouble
And commanded by their great leader, the infantry manages to stand firm agains the raging cuirassiers! The remaining troops of the austrians' left wing fall back.
Friedrich drives back the cavalry on the right wing
Now the prussian counterattack gathers momentum
Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, the prussian cavalry has crossed the river and attacks the austrian battleline from behind!
Poor austrians: they are attacked in the rear!
The infantry, now surrounded by enemys, cannot stand this for long and flees off the battlefied.
The austrians desperatly try to rally their troops
Now the momentum of battle seems to be on the prussians' side. The manage to re-order their line of battle and advance towards the remaining austrian units.
The decisive battle is at hand
But the austrians manage to rally their troops and prepare themselfs for the last assault.
Both sides start the last assault
At about 7:00 PM both battlelines clash against each other and the prussian advance gets stuck, as its left wing is wiped out by the defending austrians.
The austrians manage to get out of a tight spot

At 7:30 PM both armys still stand on the field of battle, but meanwhile it is too dark to continue fighting.
Both sides have lost more than half of their troops, and it is not possible to tell who won the battle. It's a draw!

Battle is over - it's a draw!


  1. A fine battle report! I love small miniatures and hopefully will be able to visit and play with you on the Tactica!

    1. Thank you!

      We'll be doing some initiation rounds during forenoon and start the battle with up to eight players at about 3 p.m. so be sure to stop by!